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Appliance Repair Tips

appliance repair company in california likes to help our customers in any way possible regarding their appliance needs. So we have put together some very important appliance tips that should help you to avoid some unnecessary repairs in the future.

Washing Machine Tips

About the most important advice I can give you regarding your washing machine is: Make sure you always have enough water to clothes ratio. If you can't see the clothes circulating in the water, then your clothes aren't getting as clean as they could be, and your also overloading the machine, and putting undue stress on the gear box or induction drive depending upon the model of your washing machine. Also make sure you haven't left anything in your pockets, as this can cause a lot of problems to your washing machines pump.

Dryer Tips

When it comes to the dryer, the most common complaint is no heat. So long before this ever becomes an issue, make sure the dryer is never pushed back too close to the wall, this can cause the 4" duct to become kinked. This will cause the dryers burner ignition system to cycle on the hi-limit safety thermostat instead of the cycling thermostat, and as a result the temperature will never go above 90 degrees. That’s about half of what it should be for the normal heat setting. Also, it's a good idea to have your dryer delinted every other year to prevent a fire from starting in your dryer.

Refrigerator Tips

As far as refrigerator tips are concerned, I have three of them for you. First, always set your controls to the factory suggested settings. On most American brands this will give you a temperature of 37 degrees in the refrigerator, and about 0 degrees in the freezer. Foreign brands vary. As long as your refrigerator never goes above 42 degrees it's okay. Second, keep the condenser coils clean, as this is where it dissipates heat from the sealed compartments. Your refrigerator is going to have either a rectangular condenser coil under the refrigerator, a box condenser behind the cover in the back or a cylindrical or static cooled condenser which are also both behind the refrigerator. You can clean most of them with a condenser coil cleaning brush you can purchase at Lowes or Home depot. The cylindrical and box condensers will need to be sprayed with air to be properly cleaned. Third, never stack your food. Leave room for air to circulate all around and throughout the freezer or refrigerator sections.

Dishwasher Tips

The most important thing to do concerning your dishwasher is to keep it cleaned and sanitized, and you can do this by removing any large pieces of debris that weren't discarded during the wash cycle. Then about every six months you can add about six ounces of Clorox bleach to the dishwasher and run it through the longest cycle. Note: do not add dishwasher soap or dishes while doing this. This will not only sterilize the dishwasher of harmful bacteria, but will also remove undisgarded cooking oils and fats from the sump, which will keep that white film off of your favorite wine glasses :) Also about every two to three months add a whole bottle of white distilled table vinegar (about 12 to 16 ounces) to an empty dishwasher, again do not add soap or dishes while doing this. This will remove unwanted soap scum and keep your dishwasher nice and sanitized.

Stove / Cooktop Tips

Pretty much just keep your cooking appliances clean from grease, and when cleaning a cooktop, don't use cleanser or a rag that is too wet it will short the switches out and cause the igniters to keep sparking. If this ever happens unplug the cooktop for a day or so. Sometime the water can short the switch out permanently, so be careful. The cleanser can clog burner head Orifices.

Microwave Oven Tips

Try never to slam the microwave oven door, this can cause damage to the micro switches and the door strikes. Also we’ve all forgotten and left tin foil or a metal eating utensil on a plate by accident, but don't do this as it will damage the magnetrons antenna which houses the filament/cathode rendering it unusable, and the microwave will not work at this point.

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